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Common Misconceptions About the Dentist

Woman smilingI don’t have time.

My teeth don’t hurt.

It’s too expensive.

I’m afraid it will hurt.

There are many reasons why we avoid seeking much-needed dental care and going to the dentist. Many of us have views about the dentist that just aren’t correct.  Let’s talk about some of the fallacies about going to the dentist.

Here are the top 3 most common misconceptions about visiting the dentist that we hear:

Modern dentistry, like other industries, continues to develop at a quick pace with new advances in education, equipment and materials.  Each new development means an easier time for our patients. What once took several weeks to complete now may take only hours. Great examples are placing a dental crown in a single visit, or taking digital scans of teeth instead of plaster impressions to be sent out to the lab. Not only that but we also offer extended hours and weekend appointments to fit your schedule.  Learn more about the state-of-the-art care we provide.

Getting Dental Care Is Painful

Much research and techniques in modern dental technology is focused on providing treatments in a more comfortable and less painful manner for patients. Dental injections and some procedures are now virtually pain-free. Tests and treatments are quicker and less invasive. Our dentists are gentle and care about your comfort. With their collective years of experience you can feel more at ease in the chair, knowing that you made a great choice in your dental care.

If My Teeth Aren’t Painful, They’re Fine

Problems like tooth decay and gum disease come as a surprise to many patients because they haven’t suffered from related pain.  Conditions such as these may not be painful at all until they have advanced much further or have become severe.

Keeping regular dental appointments for routine checkups and cleanings is the best defense against tooth decay and gum disease and other problems. We can screen for them and remove the plaque that leads to these issues whenever we see you at your appointments. We can stop you from experiencing any pain or problems before they start.

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