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PPO Coverage with Cigna

Are you looking for highly-experienced dentists which accepts PPO plans in your city? Look no further because our dental clinic accepts different types of insurance plans. Our resident dentists also accept PPO, including patients covered by Cigna.

Cigna is a renowned dental provider which enables its plan holders to choose their own dentist.

Furthermore, Cigna also provides employer-provided dental PPO plans for groups – both big and small. Since they have a lot of different plans available, plan holders should not forget to check their insurance plan type to determine what kind of dental services are covered by it.

In addition, they have multiple dental PPO for Individuals and Families. This includes what we call as the Cigna Dental Preventive, which is a type of plan that has no yearly maximum or deductibles. It also has 100% coverage of any preventive and diagnostic services through network providers. Plus, they give discounts on additional services availed.

Meanwhile, the Cigna Dental 1000 and the Cigna Dental 1500 plans cover preventive, diagnostic and restorative services with a $50 deductible for individuals and a $150 deductible for families. The maximum benefits of these two plans are $1,000 and $1,500, respectively.

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Thanks to your dental plan and our expert dentists, our patients won’t need to worry about their oral health anymore.

You can set an appointment with us today or visit our office in Newport Beach, California to get those pearly whites back. Our clinic is located in Orange County just ten minutes away from Huntington Beach and is near Costa Mesa. Learn more about your insurance options.

DISCLAIMER: The insurance company can change this information any time they deem necessary. We are giving this information as an informal guide to help our patients know which dental services are covered by their insurance plan. If you want to learn more details about your insurance plan coverage, please see the insurance company’s website or call their customer/member services hotline. This information was updated last 7/12/2016. The logo and trademarks are property of Cigna.