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Benefits of Permanent Teeth Implants

Couple smilingMillions of people have enjoyed the many advantages and benefits of the dental implants which are as follows :

  • Feels Natural and Works as Original – Believe it or not but strong dental implants work nothing less than your original teeth. You will find no issues at all in chewing and eating any kind of food with these implant-supported bridges. The crowns or the upper part of the teeth are connected with the implanted structure which gives them more stability.
  • Highly Reliable – Apart from retightening them in few cases, dental implants will never give you a chance to get a repair job.
  • Greater Life Span – Traditional bridges normally used to last between 5 to 7 years after which they had to be changed. But with a little bit of routine care, dental implants can last even up to a lifetime.
  • Natural flow while speaking –  There will be no speech issues when you go with the dental implants. Traditional dentures are more likely to give trouble while speaking in the first few days and you had to make an adjustment according to it.
  • Say No to Public Embarrassment – Many of the people who use traditional dentures must be frustrated by the denture falling out of the mouth while eating, laughing and even while talking in public. But implants can save you from this embarrassment as they are permanently fixed in your mouth. So there’s no worry of them coming out of your mouth.
  • No Bone Loss – The dentures used earlier were just put inside the mouth without proper positioning of them which lead to bone resorption as the tooth sockets remained empty and created more damage. These use a mechanism called osseointegration which forms a direct interface between an implant and the bone so that there is no loss of the bone.
  • Smile Big as Face Contours Retained – Whenever there is a loss in the bone, it affects our muscles and in case of your mouth, due to bone loss, the facial contours get distorted leaving you with a crooked smile or hollow cheeks. These make use of implant-supported bridges which helps retain face shape.
  • No Problem of Storage –  These are permanently fixed in your mouth.  Unlike the old dentures, they do not need to be kept separately in a solution.
  • Freedom from Frequent Removal of Dentures – The very basic problem with the traditional dentures is that they need to be removed and washed after eating and even are to be taken out while sleeping. So your new dental implants will give you freedom from that.
  • No Handling Care – Dentures are made of acrylic and were very fragile. One fall on a strong surface and they can break. This fear does not exist with implants as they are permanently in your mouth.
  • Free from Cavities –  These have no room for cavities and with normal hygienic maintenance, they will remain healthy forever.

Replacement of Teeth 

Teeth replacement will be an easier and more efficient process than you might imagine. One can get all of the teeth replaced together at once if required or a single tooth can be replaced by one implant. There is also an ‘all-on-four-bridge’  which helps in improving the condition of your mouth by inserting as few as 4 implants and replacing all of the teeth on a jaw.

A more healthy bone structure helps keep it better in their place. If your jaw is bone deficient then your dental expert may need to perform a bone graft first.

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