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Finding the Most Comfortable Dentures

couple smileYou don’t have to undergo any surgical procedure to get dentures. This is why a lot of people, particularly those who are afraid of pain and surgery, consider it. Dentures are less invasive yet they are highly functional. They can be worn day and night without complications as long as they are the right fit and they are comfortable for you.

There are tons of factors to consider in getting dentures, like your financial capabilities and dental conditions. In addition, here are some other criteria to help you make the best decision.

  • Replacing one or two teeth– If you are missing one or multiple teeth, you’ll need a bridge to close the gap and link adjacent teeth. If you can’t get implants and you prefer a denture, get a flexible or snap-on temporary dentures. They are extremely comfortable as they hug the contours of your gums. That way, they won’t cause any gum bruises while ensuring longevity. Of course, the location of the teeth should be closely considered.
    • Molars – Molars, particularly the lower back teeth may not be great for flexible dentures as they are exposed to intense chewing stress. Instead, choose a bridge as they are better.
    • Upper front teeth or bottom teeth– Although the upper and bottom front teeth don’t experience as much stress as the back teeth, they still need close considerations, particularly when it comes to aesthetics. The dentures should match the colors of the adjacent teeth perfectly to avoid looking unnatural. They should also be comfortable.
    • One or two back molars– It’s not necessary to replace your wisdom tooth as it won’t affect your smile or chewing ability. However, if you are missing two or more back molars, get implant supported dentures. A partial denture makes a great choice, too.
  • Replacing a large number of teeth– If you are missing several teeth, get an implant supported or a flexible partial denture.
  • A Complete or Full Denture– When you’ve lost all of your teeth, get a full or complete denture. You can also get full implant supported dentures but expect them to be a bit more expensive.

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