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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Invisalign Treatment

families smilingBecause of the advancements in technology, you can achieve a beautiful smile by correcting your bite alignment and other oral health problems without the disadvantage of traditional braces. One of the advantages of this procedure is that it doesn’t have metal portions showing in your teeth. Invisalign is a completely invisible treatment that does the job of straightening your teeth without making them look too obvious.

Is Invisalign your choice of treatment? If so, keep reading this post to learn from the common mistakes:

Not Going to the Right Specialist

Regarding this kind of dental service, it is critical to consult with a dental expert who is certified to do the procedure. They must have completed specialist training and education which makes them experts in this field.

Not Researching First

Before making an appointment, you should have made research first. You’ll feel more confident during your consultation when you have even the slightest idea of what you will be doing when you visit your doctor. Make a note of the questions you want to ask your dentist and request for verification of his or her dental work. Also, know the Average cost of this treatment. Often, it is not the number of patients treated by a dentist that is important; it is the quality of their job.

Not Understanding the Invisalign Ranking System

After conducting research and deciding on a dentist to visit, you’ve seen that the dental expert you’re considering holds certifications. Invisalign comes with a series of ranks. These ranks are based on the number of patients he or she has treated. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP are the available levels of ranking. Additionally, there is a rank with a bonus in the title indicating that they have more experience and knowledge than others at their level.

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Not Wearing Your Aligners for the Required Time Frame

The convenience of this aligner is that it is removable. You can take it out when you drink, eat, or play sports. However, keep in mind that Invisalign aligners should be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours to get the optimum result.
Don’t miss a day without wearing them, as this can result in a need for a new series of aligner trays since teeth can easily move back to their initial position. Not only does this delay your duration of treatment, but it also increases the cost of the procedure, since you will need to get a new set to correct the change.

Expecting it to work Immediately

There are many reasons Invisalign is better than other treatments. However, this doesn’t mean that the results will happen overnight. Expect to see results from six to twelve months; though, it’s possible to see changes during that time frame. However, this does not mean you will quit wearing it. Ask your doctor first to know if it is safe to be off your aligners before you decide on yourself.

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