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Can I Get A Root Canal While I’m Pregnant?

woman smilingroot canal treatment is performed to treat or save a diseased or infected tooth from extraction. Though root canals are safe procedures in general, can a pregnant woman gets this treatment during pregnancy? Is it safe?

A lot of expecting moms get worried regarding the risks involved in the root canal treatment as they think that it may possibly affect the growth of the fetus. Obstetricians recommend that it is best to avoid getting such treatments if the risk is minimal.

The safest approach is to delay all kinds of dental treatments until the delivery. However, there are certain situations in which postponing the therapy can do more harm than any good, of course. Read about Is a root canal therapy necessary for me?

If anything harmful happens to a pregnant woman, it means that two lives are going to be affected. But it is not always going to happen in every procedure that one might need. Getting a root canal while you are pregnant involves three main concerns related to baby safety:

  • X-rays are important for assessing the state and position of the roots of the tooth. The x-rays can pose harm to the fetus however; their energy is only directed into the jaw, not the abdomen. So, it will not cause any harm to the baby during the procedure.
  • According to some people, the tension of being operated upon may negatively affect the baby. There shouldn’t be any tension that affects the growing baby.
  • Sometimes, patients are given antibiotics after the treatment. But for pregnant women, light and safe medicines are available.

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Risks of avoiding RCT during Pregnancy

It should be understood that if your dental expert suggests a root canal treatment, it clearly indicates that the condition is severe and if delayed, it could get risky. Below are the risks associated with postponing the root canal procedure:

Pain. A mother cannot get rid of the pain until the tooth abscess is treated. Bearing the pain constantly during pregnancy can not only be stressful but it could pose negative impacts on the mother and the fetus.

Infection. In case a dental professional found an infection in the tooth, he’ll suggest an immediate RCT. The reason to get this treated as soon as possible is that if it is left untreated, the infection could possibly spread throughout the body, resulting in severe complications.

The dental staff is well-equipped to keep you and your baby safe during the procedure. For avoiding any kind of complications, we take the following essential precautionary measures during the pregnancy:

  • We perform the root canal treatment in the 1st trimester of pregnancy only if it is extremely important. During this period, the developing baby is most susceptible to any harm. Depending on the condition, the root can be opened as well as drained.
  • In the 2nd trimester, root canal treatment can be performed and it doesn’t pose any risk to the baby.
  • During the 3rd trimester, the root canal procedure should be done with extreme care. Many prefer getting this treatment done after delivery which is not very far. It is advised to delay this procedure when a lady is seven months pregnant and operation should be avoided then if she is eight months pregnant.

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