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How Long Does It Take For Dental Implant To Heal?

couple smilingIt is a multi-step procedure. The healing time depends on the specific procedures the patient has undergone. Therefore, the time for the patient to heal can vary. Healing time can also be affected by certain factors such as the number of teeth, the health of the patient, and more.

Here are some of the things that can happen between the recovery and the procedure:

If bone grafting is needed, the patient would have to wait for four to six months before the dental professional performs the next step. Grafting will only be necessary when the patient doesn’t have enough healthy bone to support the implants.

If grafting is not required, but the patient needs to have several teeth extracted, the patient will have to wait for a few weeks before the specialist can perform the next procedure. Some specialists can remove the teeth and perform the implant at the same time. Before they stitch the gum tissue, a cap is secured to protect and heal the area.

A second surgery is performed once the six month healing period has passed. By then, the implant would have already fused with the metal. The cap will be left exposed around the gum, and it will be sutured. The gum that heals around the cap will adapt to the shape of the cap.

When the gum has been completely healed, and the osseointegration process is finished, the dental professional will remove the healing cap then attach the abutment. Then the artificial tooth is placed.

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The implants are strong and durable because of osseointegration. Osseo-integration happens when the bone cells grow into the implant surface once it has been inserted into the bone. This creates a naturally strong bond, and the artificial tooth root becomes one with the bone. This process happens slowly, and it can last from two to six weeks.

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Taking Care After the Surgery

  • Any discomfort usually goes away in the first 48 hours.
  • You can hasten the healing time by taking pain medication and placing moist heat on the area.
  • You are advised to eat only soft foods for a few days and avoid doing exercise or any other strenuous activities.
  • Use a mouthwash to kill the bacteria in the mouth.
  • When the gums have healed, brush at least twice a day and floss once.
  • You can use a special type of brushes to clean the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Don’t forget to visit your dental expert for exams and cleanings.
  • With proper oral hygiene, your dental implants can last a lifetime.

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