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Dental Implants for Senior Patients

Couple smilingAs we get older, our bodies develop dental health needs that can come in many forms. Even when you take proper care of your teeth your whole life, seniors can still suffer from tooth loss. This is why dental implants are offered. This article will cover the benefits of these new permanent teeth for seniors. Learn more about teeth replacement with dental implants.

Can older patients (over 65, 70, 80) benefit from dental implants?

Plenty of patients start losing their teeth as they get older. This can lead to some major limitations on quality of life, facial appearance, and social life. Traditionally, dentures have been the most common option, however, they have severe limitations. Implants are a much more convenient option when compared to upper or lower dentures and they are much stronger than a fixed bridge or partial denture. These permanent teeth appear much more natural, do not pose any eating restrictions, do not need to be removed for cleaning and before bed, and they will not slip or fall out at any moment.

Conditions of getting new permanent teeth for patients over 65 or 70, 80

Whether you need just one implant, several teeth implants, or a complete reconstruction, implants are the ideal replacement for permanent teeth. Patients only need to have a detailed medical and dental examination. The check-up will help find out if implants are right for you or not. The titanium implants provide sturdy support for dentures because they are secured and fused to the jaw bone. However, if the jaw bone is too weak to provide enough support, a bone graft may be required.

Chronic, untreated diabetes, and other diseases that lessen the body’s immunity will typically be a factor against implants.

Implants involve surgical procedures, and the healing time may be slowed down by lower immunity. The exam is also needed for finding out whether the jaw bone is strong enough to hold the new tooth in place when chewing. A weak or thin jaw bone is not a problem. Bone grafts can be done at an additional cost. In summary, most ‘healthy’ seniors can receive implants to replace teeth, although the recovery time following surgery may be somewhat slower than in younger individuals.