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Benefits of a Tooth Implant

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  • Natural Look, Feel, and Function – A set of teeth on strong and stable implants looks and functions almost like a healthy set of teeth. Very good, natural looking crowns (upper parts of teeth) are attached to the implanted structure. You can chew and eat almost anything with implant supported bridges, and you can have the best of smiles.
  • Long Life – traditional bridges will normally not last beyond 5 to 7 years, and must be replaced after that.  Permanent Teeth on the other hand, can last a lifetime with just routine care.
  • No Fear of Public Embarrassment – Implants that are inserted into your mouth are permanent, and almost become a natural part of your mouth. There is no fear of embarrassment, due either to an unnatural smile, or a chance of the denture falling out in public while eating, talking or laughing.
  • No Bone Loss – Conventional dentures leave the tooth sockets empty. That can result in damaging effects, such as bone resorption. But a tooth implant will encourage bone growth due to osseo-integration.
  • Natural Smile and Face Contours Retained – Loss of bone in the jaw can distort the facial contours and adversely affect your smile. Implant supported bridges will prevent that, and keep your smile healthy and beautiful.
  • No Night-Time Removal – Conventional dentures must be removed at night, and after eating. these teeth are like natural teeth, and will stay in your mouth permanently.
  • No Storage Problems  Dentures must be kept in a special soaking solution whenever they are removed. For your new teeth, No such specialized care is required.
  • No Handling Care  Dentures are made of acrylic. If they fall on a hard surface, they may break or crack. Thus, they need very careful handling when outside the mouth. These do not require any such care, as they are never removed from your mouth.
  • Speak Normally – With removable dentures, you may not be able to speak naturally in the first few days. Implanted teeth are just like normal natural teeth, and cause no hindrance to speech at any point.
  • No Cavities – Cavities will not occur. Simple hygiene practice along with routine visits to the dentist will keep them healthy and shining.
  • More Reliable – These require virtually no repairs after being inserted, except possibly retightening them.

Teeth Replacement

You can either get a single molar replaced using a single implant, or a complete set of teeth fitted permanently over the jaw. In some cases, as few as four implants can improve and replace your missing natural teeth. Such arrangements are known as an ‘all-on-four bridge’. A prerequisite for implants is a sufficient and healthy bone structure to hold against stresses (such as chewing). However, if the jaw is deficient of bone, it can be grafted into their place.

The same is true of gum flesh, which covers the implants for aesthetic reasons. These are normally not advised to diabetic patients (with uncontrolled diabetes) because of their porous bones, so be sure to consult your physician about this option.

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