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Teeth Extraction Cost Near Newport Beach, CA

teeth extraction graphicTeeth are often removed when a patient has either one or more of the following oral problems:

  • Wisdom teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Supernumerary teeth
  • Infection
  • To provide sufficient space for moving the teeth before wearing braces
  • For patients undergoing chemotherapy or an organ transplant, damaged or unhealthy teeth must be extracted.

This oral surgery is done by a skilled dentist or oral surgeon and uses local, general, or IV anesthesia. In most cases, it is a simple and quick procedure. But in some cases, it may need a more complex surgical procedure if the tooth has been chipped or the decay is below the enamel.

How much is a tooth extraction?

Several factors affect the total cost of tooth removal. These factors include the location of the tooth, the severity of the damage, and whether local anesthesia is needed. The total price for tooth extraction is usually between $65 and $300 for simple gum-erupted removal. Surgical extractions with anesthesia, on the other hand, range from $125 to $650 while soft-tissue or complex surgical extractions for broken teeth cost about $175 to $600. In case you have dental insurance, it may cover a portion of the total expenses for your tooth extraction, significantly reducing your financial burdens.

There may also be other additional fees such as:

  • Diagnostic expenses:
  • Exam – Usually, an initial examination is performed.
  • Digital Xray – X-rays are taken to determine the exact locations of the decay which normally cost around $60 to $150.
  • Treatment fees – If local anesthesia is needed or requested by the patient, then there will be additional fees. Moreover, extra costs are also added if the case is an emergency or an after-hours appointment.
  • Aftercare – These fees consist of prescribed medications, gauze, or ice packs.

How much does insurance pay for a dental extraction?

On average, a tooth extraction cost with insurance is estimated to be around $35 to $400 because most insurance policies cover about 50% to 80% of tooth removals. The price will still depend on the kind of extraction performed – whether it’s a surgical one or not.

Is pulling a tooth worth it?

Though it may not be cheap to do tooth extraction dental surgery, undergoing Teeth Extraction General Dentistry is still needed if you have severe tooth decay, a broken tooth, or an impacted tooth. You will only experience further discomfort or pain if you leave it be. Also, ignoring it may lead to future oral issues that can potentially harm not only your oral health but also your overall health.

Paying With and Without Insurance

Dealing with a damaged tooth can be excruciatingly painful. Thus, having it removed as soon as possible is the key to living more comfortably and having better oral health. Nevertheless, some patients may not be able to afford this oral surgery. Luckily, there are now programs that help cover the fees for tooth extraction including:

Insurance Friendly Dentist

Some insurance policies do not cover a tooth extraction procedure not unless the damage is severe and can cause infection. If you have dental insurance that covers tooth removal, it would be the ideal choice since tooth extraction costs with insurance can pay half of your total bill. Consult with your insurance agent to know more about your insurance plan and its field of coverage.

We at Newport Smiles are insurance-friendly, welcome most PPO plans in Newport Beach, CA, and offer a benefits check. We can also file insurance claims and manage your paperwork on your behalf. We guarantee that your benefits are used to their fullest and provide you an affordable denture treatment.

woman looking at x ray

Government Help Programs

Regrettably, the Medicare program does not cover dental surgeries or treatments such as tooth extraction. Nevertheless, it can cover an inpatient hospital care if it’s an oral emergency. A few Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), however, offer oral benefits that Medicare doesn’t provide. Find out more about the government help programs that are available in your local state to know if they can help cover your tooth removal procedure.

Flexible spending with FSAs

FSA, also referred to as Flexible Spending Arrangement, consists of a fixed sum of pretax money. This amount is deducted from your salary and is set aside for healthcare fees only. Several employee benefits packages have an FSA. With the use of a debit card, the saved amount can be withdrawn at any time when needed. The savings, however, cannot roll over the next year so you must use all of them within the same year. Want to know more about FSA’s? Find out here.

Health savings with HSAs

Health Savings Account is government-regulated and involves putting aside pretax money from your salary which is then used to pay for health care costs that are not covered by your insurance plan. To avail of this type of savings account, you must possess a high-deductible insurance plan. HSA’s are tax-deductible and can be sponsored by your employer. Moreover, the funds in an HSA account can roll over into the next year. Find out more about HSA’s.

Dentistry Schools

Some dental schools provide discounted oral care services. Search for one in or near your local area and you may discover a dental school that provides a low-cost tooth extraction procedure when you consent to let a student study by performing your oral service. A qualified dental school must guarantee that a board-certified dentist supervises the student who is administering your oral care.

old couple smilingIn House Monthly Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans are usually offered by several dentists to lessen your financial burden. You will be able to avail yourself of the tooth extraction procedure and pay the bill through monthly installments. At Newport Smiles, we will make every effort to assist you in getting this treatment by providing you affordable alternatives for paying tooth extraction costs without insurance.

We also welcome all primary credit cards like Visa, Master Card, and American Express as well as work with outside money lenders such as CareCredit, GreenSkyCredit, and the Lending Club. We also have our own in-house payment plan with no interest, giving you the chance to avail of tooth removal without having to pay for the treatment in a single go.

Newport Beach, Tooth extraction cost

A nearby dental specialist to where you live, go to school, or work is a huge advantage because it saves you money and time. Follow-up visits are relatively common when undergoing a dental treatment especially if it involves more preparation and more complex surgery. Search for a dentist who has outstanding feedbacks for tooth extraction as well as whom you feel comfortable with.

FAQs for Extracted Tooth Cost

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

The total cost of a tooth removal procedure varies on several factors like the location of the tooth, the severity of the damage, and whether local anesthesia is needed. On average, a tooth extraction cost between $50 to $200 and can even go higher up to $175 and $600 if the extraction is more complicated.

Can I get a tooth removed without insurance?

Yes, at Newport Smiles, you can undergo tooth extraction even without having an insurance plan but anticipate that you will have to cover the total bill of the procedure. However, Dr. Aarti Puri DDS will guarantee that you’ll feel comfortable throughout the whole surgery.

Is it cheaper to get teeth pulled or filled?

The price varies on how much work is needed for each treatment. For instance, if the affected tooth hasn’t been severely damaged or broken, doesn’t require extensive restorative work, or doesn’t have excessive decay, then just a simple tooth removal can be done which is more affordable compared to fillings. On the other hand, if the affected tooth is a molar, has severe decay, and requires dental filling that covers the five sides, then a dental filling will be applied which usually costs higher due to the huge amount of work needed.

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