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Tips for Great Oral Health

woman smilingIn our busy day-to-day living, its easy to get complacent about always watching dental hygiene habits. We sometimes ask ourselves, “Is this really that important right now?” Why IS it so important to keep up with your oral health? Having strong healthy teeth doesn’t just look great, but it feels great too. It reduces the chances of bad breath – and lessens the amount of dental issues too. Having bad oral health affects the way you chew your food, which will most definitely lead to problems with overall health. It affects saliva, causes infections that also can blossom into poor health. As you can see, missing out on brushing or flossing a few times can snowball into worse issues, eventually causing severe health issues.

Along with those daily tasks, it is recommended that you visit the dentist at the minimum of once a year. During this visit, you’ll ideally have a thorough exam and x-rays, along with a thorough cleaning. This is crucial to achieving the best oral health possible as your dentist will notice any changes, any cavities or problems that formed since the last visit, and help you form a plan. Find out how our office can help – contact us today.

These cavities aren’t visible to the naked eye. It is cheaper to restore a cavity than filling it with one. Moreover, if the cavities are big enough it can cause pain and tooth sensitivity.

Here are some tips:

  • Get a professional cleaning from your dentist twice a year. Just brushing will never clean your teeth completely because you can’t reach all of the crevices where bacteria hide.  Armed with the proper tools, your dentist or hygienist can reach those tight spots your brush can’t reach. They also have more powerful cleaning agents than are sold over the counter.
  • When you do daily teeth brushing at home, make sure to use only soft bristled toothbrush to prevent hurting your teeth or gums. Soft-bristled brushes are not only comfortable but are safe for your teeth regardless of how vigorously your brush your teeth.
  • Brush twice a day – once after eating and one time before bed.  You could end up damaging your enamel if you brush more often because of the abrasives contained in toothpaste that get rid of stains.
  • And don’t forget your tongue! Clean it every time you brush your teeth. It is a literal breeding ground for harmful bacteria because pieces of food can get stuck in the ridges. Use your tooth brush or even better – try a tongue cleaner!

It’s up to you to keep your oral health in tip-top shape. Your healthy teeth will look and feel like a million bucks – and reduce the unpleasantness of offensive breath and other problems. Not to mention that it is so important for your overall health. Neglecting this can lead to many problems with your general health that it’s just best to avoid altogether.