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Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that services dental pulp and the tissues that surround tooth roots. The word comes from the Greek words “endo”, which means “inside”, and the word “odont”, which means “tooth”. This type of treatment addresses the pulp tissue within the tooth. An endodontist is a dentist who has received two or more years of specialized, advanced training in endodontics, after completing dental school.

Their focus is saving their patients’ teeth, using treatments and sometimes surgery to treat issues within the tooth. They can help with tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, cracked and fractured teeth, dental trauma, and more. Experiencing any of these issues? Newport Smiles can help.


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  • “Have been getting treated for my Invisalign's under Doc. Puri for over a year and can surely say she is a great doctor in every possible way. I have had my parents and friends come in here as well. The entire team at Newport Smiles is extremely skilled and”

    - Ishaan C.
  • Great experience overall! I’m sure I can relate like many others when I say I never enjoy going to the dentist. But I must say I look forward to my next visit here!

    - Susana G.
  • “This is the first dentist I have liked since becoming an adult. Dr. Puri is just so amazing! She is so sweet and gentle and I just couldn’t ask for a better dentist! This place is top-notch and I would recommend to everyone i know!”

    - Taylor W.