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Dr. Amit Shah has made a commitment to your health by the use of lasers, offering you the opportunity to have a safe, anxiety-free dental experience without drills, scalpels, and in most cases, without anesthesia. At Newport Smiles, we provide top-quality laser dentistry in Newport Beach and work tirelessly to help our patients find effective solutions to their challenges.

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Laser Dentistry 101

Laser dentistry sounds exactly like what it is: the use of lasers to perform dental procedures. For over twenty years, lasers have been used to remove and reshape tissues involved in dental work, via the high-energy light a laser produces. A wide variety of procedures can be done via laser therapy, ranging from wisdom tooth removal to treating infections and inflammation to even reforming bone and gum tissues.

Laser therapy has a huge range of benefits. Some procedures use lasers in lieu of a drill, and anesthesia may not be needed. There is also a potentially much quicker recovery time, less bleeding, and less risk of infection.

Laser dentistry may be the best option in a number of cases. They have been known to reduce the presence of bacteria in surrounding areas, making them ideal for performing work on infected teeth and gums. They can help harden fillings faster and easily get rid of decaying areas. They’re also great for performing oral biopsies.

Lasers can also be used for dental implants. A laser softly removes the necessary tissue, which is then rinsed and cooled in 30-second intervals. Then, the implant is inserted and held in place with a screw.

Laser Dentistry Procedure

Lasers work by delivering a concentrated beam of high-intensity light to the area they come into contact with. When used for hard surfaces, they enhance bleaching agents used to whiten teeth and to repair dental decay. Lasers remove the decayed area and help cure or harden fillings. They cause less pain, often require less anesthesia, and help preserve more healthy tooth surface due to their accuracy.

When lasers are used to treat periodontal disease, they remove both the bacteria and the damaged tissue. At the same time, the laser seals nerve endings resulting in less pain post-procedure and virtually no bleeding or need for sutures. They are also used to remove small tumors and reshape the gum line for a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Laser dentistry results in less patient anxiety, minimal pain during procedures, and shortened recovery time.

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Laser Dentistry – FAQs

Does Laser Therapy Hurt?

Laser Therapy does not hurt more than traditional treatments, and in many cases, it hurts less because we target the specific problem area without aggravating the surrounding area. Additionally, you will not need anesthesia or Novocain for most laser treatments. If your case is an exception, we will discuss this with you prior to treatment.

How long do the Laser Therapy results last?

Laser Therapy results last as long as results using traditional methods. Results depend on you in both cases. Regular cleanings and checkups will make all treatments last longer.

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