Using Modern Techniques to Straighten Teeth

Dental care is essential no matter your age. Orthodontics can improve your smile by straightening teeth and adequately aligning your jaws, regardless of age. This type of care uses removable dental devices to adjust the position of your teeth and jaw so you may chew and speak better.

Depending on the type of dental option, treating mispositioned teeth (malocclusion) generally takes place for more than a year. Even though you may see results earlier. This is because orthodontics requires regular check-ups and adjustments at your dentist’s office to ensure the treatment is progressing.

Our team offers orthodontic solutions to you and/or your child. We will evaluate your situation and share our diagnosis. We will talk with you to make sure you are well-informed and feel good about the option we choose. We want you to feel welcome when you trust us with your dental health.

At Newport Smiles, we offer the following orthodontic services:

  • Invisalign Adult
  • Invisalign Teen
  • Clear braces

If you think you or your child may benefit from orthodontics services, book an appointment today by calling us at (949) 646-0818 or using our online form.

Orthodontics for Children and Teenagers

Orthodontics help if you have a problem with your bite (underbite or overbite), the space between your teeth, and if your teeth are crooked. Orthodontics can ensure proper jaw growth in younger children even before they have adult teeth. Introducing your child to regular dental examinations is generally a good thing. They can allow early diagnoses requiring orthodontics.

For older children and teenagers, orthodontics can be especially beneficial to ensure that their permanent teeth grow correctly. Straight permanent teeth can make a significant difference in preventing future tooth problems. Every step towards good dental health does!

Orthodontics For Adults

Jaw irregularities and teeth abnormalities can happen at all ages. However, receiving orthodontic care as an adult is average and can be an excellent solution to improve your dental health. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice if you are concerned that your teeth may need straightening. The goal of orthodontic care is to improve your bite. Teeth that are straight and evenly spaced mean that they will correctly align with the opposite teeth, promoting good jaw alignment.

Making sure to go to the dentist for regular check-ups is also a good way to get evaluated for possible orthodontic care, especially if you didn’t have the opportunity when younger. Taking action to improve your health and smile is always a good thing, and we are happy to help you!