Wisdom teeth are the teeth that emerge in the very back of the mouth. Specialists sometimes refer to them as third molars of the permanent teeth. A large majority of dental customers have to get a wisdom tooth extraction on one or all of the four wisdom teeth that come in. Wisdom teeth can be painful and cause swelling and can make chewing food difficult. Wisdom teeth can also erupt and cause gum disease and tooth decay.

The wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure in which our dentist removes the tooth from the root. Disease is the number one reason that people get wisdom teeth extractions. There are other oral problems that can require similar treatment like regular tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth are the hardest teeth to clean because they sit so far back in the mouth. Therefore, they are vulnerable to gathering bacteria that causes illness. Another reason that people get wisdom teeth extractions is to make room for braces. A third reason people get wisdom teeth extractions is to reduce crowding. A prospective wisdom tooth extraction patient can contact us today for help.

The American Dental Associate states wisdom teeth can lead to problems if there isn’t enough space for them to surface.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

The dentist must take an exam followed by X-ray to get a better understanding of your dental health and see if there are any other serious issues. Then is the process of extracting a wisdom tooth is numbing the patient. Our dentist will first use an anesthetic such as novocaine or lidocaine for the patient. Next, they will test the work area of the mouth to ensure that the patient is numb. The surgery or extraction will come next. The dentist will go over all the procedures with the patient beforehand.

Our dentist may need to perform a surgical procedure on the wisdom tooth if it is an impacted tooth. Impacted teeth are partially hidden underneath the gums. Such teeth require gum cutting and stitches after the procedure.

One of our dentists will have to put extreme pressure on the patient’s gums and jaw to remove the tooth. A wisdom tooth extraction usually keeps a person out of work or school for two to three days. Healing may take several weeks. Newport Smiles has a long-term reputation for providing healthy extractions.

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It is important to maintain daily hygiene after the extractions and follow through aftercare in order to prevent a dry socket and have a smooth recovery.

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