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Detect Tooth Decay Under Crowns

Woman SmilingWhenever a natural tooth is broken, we can frequently restore its appearance and function by attaching a dental crown. Because a crown replaces a natural tooth’s characteristics and functionality, our patients frequently continue eating and caring for their teeth in the same manner as before, presuming the tooth is maintained in the same way as their other good teeth are. In reality, tooth decay can still cause dental cavities beneath the tooth crown, which is why it’s critical to maintain not only proper oral hygiene but also set up regular dental cleanings and checkups at our dental office.

How You Can Tell if There is Decay Under Your Crown

Often than not, it’s quite difficult to tell if there is deterioration beneath a crown, as it might begin in a very small region. We commonly utilize an x-ray to determine if decay is developing on the tooth beneath the crown. Our experienced dentist will review the x-ray results and conduct a comprehensive oral examination. Read on to learn more about this procedure.

Why Teeth Can Decay Under an Old Crown

Patients are concerned about the risk of tooth decay developing beneath a tooth crown. It is crucial to know how it happens and how to avoid it. Under crowns, tooth decay occurs when:

  • Not scheduling or keeping regular dental checkups.  By missing a regular checkup you may not discover the decay until it has caused damage and pain.  Regular checkups can prevent decay under a crown before it happens.
  • Not brushing and flossing regularly. Plaque is formed by bacteria and begins to affect the tooth beneath the crown.
  • Inadequately fitted dental crowns can also result in bacteria accumulating on the tooth beneath the crown.

While tooth decay beneath a crown is a common occurrence, it is preventable.
It depends on you whether you’ll maintain proper oral hygiene in order to avoid this and other forms of tooth damage. If you have any questions, contact us immediately so that one of our professional dentists in Orange County may determine if decay or any damage is present beneath your dental crown. Dr. Aarti Puri, DDS and our devoted staff will ensure that you have the finest dental experience possible. We are located in Newport Beach in Orange County, California.