Dental Crowns In Newport Beach

Protection for Damaged or Fragile Teeth

Dental crowns are often used to cover a fragile tooth for protection. However, it can also be used to hide tooth discoloration and other minor dental issues. It completely encapsulates this part. Our office offers high-quality services to our patients, including the fabrication of durable dental caps. Thanks to the excellent skills of our reliable dentists at Newport Smiles, you don’t have to worry about anything!

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Different Types of Dental Crowns

We provide three different options for dental crowns:

3D Crown
  • All-Metal: These are prepared solely with metal alloys. Although they possess excellent strength, they have poor esthetics. Thus, they are rarely used, and reserved mostly for restoration of posterior teeth, which are not typically visible.
  • All-Porcelain: Since this type is made from tooth-colored ceramic materials, they are the most similar to the natural color of the teeth and provide the best esthetics. Porcelain caps are reserved for patients who are extremely conscious about their smile and facial esthetics.
  • Metal-Ceramic: These combine the strength of metal and the esthetics of porcelain caps. They contain a framework of metallic alloys, over which a layer of porcelain has been attached.

Moreover, we offer distinct kinds of crowns based on their planned time period of use:

  • Permanent: Ordinarily, they are used for permanently restoring a crooked or chipped tooth with posts. They are cemented into place with the help of a dental adhesive. Only a dentist can remove them when required for repair.
  • Temporary: Temporary ones are occasionally used during the construction of your permanent version. Hence, these are disposable and made of cheaper materials like stainless steel.

Technical Requirements

We may advise this treatment in the following situations:

  • Weak teeth: If any of your teeth are weak, cracked, or otherwise damaged, they can likely be saved with this treatment.
  • Following root canal treatment: A restored tooth, especially after a root canal treatment, are most likely to be weaker and will not be able to bear chewing during meals. In this kind of situation, it should be covered using a dental crown by a skilled dentistry professional.
  • Heavily filled teeth: If a tooth has been restored with a large filling but has left little original material, it may not survive. It must be capped.

Dental caps will allow your smile to shine more radiantly and for you to eat more properly.

Options for Materials in Dental Crowns

There are numerous possible materials to use for your dental crown, such as:

  • Stainless steel: These types are commonly low-cost. They also come in different shapes and sizes. Typically, they are utilized in 2 distinct circumstances such as when a kid is more prone to tooth decay or when adult teeth have already been restored. In either case, the permanent fake tooth is manufactured in the lab.
  • Gold and other metal alloy based: Gold has been in use for ages for a variety of reasons. Their relatively low price in situations makes it useful for dentists, and it can be alloyed with other metals to give it extra durability. Aside from gold, other metal alloys can also be used. These have good strength against wear and can bear the pressure of chewing forces well similar to gold. Because of their strength, other versions of this metal alloy prosthetic can be made with thin walls. This is an advantage because fewer materials will be removed. Nevertheless, metallic alloys have their own original colors thus, they are often not pleasing to the eye. But they can be used for molars which typically cannot be seen. Gold and other metal alloys are suitable for thermal conduction however, patients will this type of crown may be sensitive to cold foods and drinks for the first few weeks after the procedure.
  • All-resin: These are the least expensive type available. However, they are not very strong. They can easily fracture and are more prone to wear in a set amount of time. These can also be stained.
  • All-ceramic (all-porcelain): This kind can be very pricey. However, if you wish for a more natural look, then this type is more ideal because they are close to the teeth’ natural color. Porcelain is a poor conductor of heat. Hence, the initial period sensitivity to hot and cold is negligible for a time. They do not affect allergies, as some other materials do. Nevertheless, this type tends to wear more quickly compared to other materials. They are also liable to crack under chewing forces, especially in the case of bruxism. For these reasons, porcelain caps on any molar in need are made thicker, necessitating greater trimming of enamel. These are normally used on the front side, where esthetics are more important.
  • Zirconia or milled: If you are worried about esthetics but finance is not a consideration, you could always go with Zirconium. They tend to be the most costly. However, they offer the best tooth color match. Since they are metallic, they’re not prone to cracks nor damage. For these reasons, Zirconia is currently in the craze. CAD / CAM facilities allow zirconia crowns to be milled while the patient waits. They can be installed during the second appointment.
  • Made from porcelain fused to metal: Fusing porcelain over metal (which may be zirconia) helps overcome the brittleness disadvantage of all-porcelain ones, while still offering good color matching to the nearby teeth. They are the best esthetic choice after all-porcelain. Nonetheless, if the gum shrinks, the metal underlay may become conspicuous near the gum line. Also, the underlying metal (normally a gold alloy) makes the cap look less natural. Zirconia can be milled and will be cheaper than gold.

Difference Between Dental Crowns and Veneers

The choice between dental crowns and veneers depends on the specific dental issue. Dental crowns are ideal for extensively damaged or decayed teeth, providing strength and protection. Veneers are better for cosmetic enhancements, addressing issues like discoloration or minor imperfections while preserving most of the natural tooth structure. Schedule an evaluation with our Newport Beach dentists to determine which option is best for you.

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Application Procedure

In the initial appointment, your teeth will be prepared for crown placement, leading to shaving some of the tooth enamel to fit the cap. Then, dental impressions will be taken and forwarded to the laboratory for fabrication. Once done, the crown is cemented over the affected tooth during the second appointment. You don’t need to have any concerns about feeling discomfort or pain as the application is pain-free. In the case zirconium is used, it can be milled via CAD/CAM while the patient is waiting.

The Cost

The cost for dental caps varies and is mainly dependent on the type of material used. Since a crown not only protects a fragile tooth but also improves a tooth’s outer appearance, this type of dental restoration is more than worth it. Spending quite a bit of money is no joke. Thus, it is best to find a reliable dental expert so that you’ll be able to feel confident in achieving your desired results and spend your money wisely.

Lifespan & Repair

Generally, dental caps can last for 7 years or even longer as long as they are regularly maintained. Nevertheless, there is also a chance of them becoming loose if the cement underneath disintegrates eventually leading them to fall off. Once it does, take note that the crown must not be put back forcibly as it may still have some residue of the cement and cause harm to the tooth. Porcelain crowns have the possibility to crack and are in need of fusion for their restoration. In particular cases, repair for these damaged crowns can be conducted at the dental lab.

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