Complete Dentures – Comfortable And Removable

If your teeth are weak, you will feel a huge inconvenience which is certainly not what anyone wants. Weak and damaged teeth can affect your facial aesthetics as well as the total quality of your smile. With us, we will ensure that you get either a partial or complete denture that you can be proud of and can match your active lifestyle. Continue to read below for you to get all important facts you need to know about your teeth and our services.

Full Dentures

Complete or full dentures are mostly used when majority or all of your teeth in the jaw needs to be replaced. If there are remaining natural teeth, all these need to be removed to make sure that there is full and enough space for your complete denture.

What are Complete Dentures?

As mentioned, complete dentures are also known as full dentures. These are usually comprised of 14 teeth that are placed in a gum colored acrylic base that is designed to properly fit on your gums. So what happens is that the acrylic base covers your palate so the fitting is really important or else, it might cause irritation or it might not stay in suction and fall.


First part of the process is to take impressions before extractions and these are to be sent to the lab along with the color requirements. The next process is to remove existing teeth if there are any. Once done, it will be tested on the patient to see if adjustments still need to be made before getting the final product.

How To Care For Your Dentures?

Full or complete dentures have the capability of being removed. It is important that your dentures are removed after eating so that it can be cleaned and then you have to put it back on. At night, there is a cleaning solution or water where it has to be soaked in every single day. If you fail to do this, then it will cause your dentures to be dry and fitting will then be affected. Once your denture is dry then you cannot use it anymore which will then cause your gums to go into the process of resorption or shrinking due to bone loss. If taken cared of properly, complete dentures can last for up to 7 years.

Are there any limitations?

Everything has limitations even dentures. Relining them is one of the common limitations aside from loose fitting and drop-outs – occasionally.

Which dentures to go for?

There are different types of dentures to choose from and below shows a quick description for each type, for your reference.

  • Removable Partials – A partial denture is the best option, obviously, if you just have to replace one or two adjacent teeth. Removable partial dentures have metal clasps that are attached to each teeth for additional support.
  • Flexible dentures – For people who get uncomfortable with acrylic or cast metal dentures, this has become popular option.
  • Fixed bridges – Fixed bridges are attached to your crowns and are known to be durable and stable, even without clasps.
  • Full conventional dentures – If majority of your teeth are missing and needs replacement, then full conventional dentures are the common option. Although this is common to people, take note that they are only attached because of the suction that it gives to the gum flesh.

Dentures Without Pulling Teeth

When people hear the word denture, the first thing that comes in to their mind is the idea of extracting normal teeth to make room for when the denture will be placed. There is an uncommon way to do this and this is through root canal treated teeth.

Dentures Without A Roof Plate

If you have not heard of it yet, dentures without a roof plate are called dentures called snaps. The removable base of the denture is snapped into four or five implants. If you want to more about this, we can discuss it with you so that you can make the best choice for your dentures.

Be Aware Of Your Options

There are several options for you when it comes to complete dentures. One, which is the most durable is implant supported dentures, commonly known as all-on-4. For a complete denture, it can make use of a minimum of 4 implants and this will give you the best natural looking teeth. Aside from dentures that are implant supported, there are also some that snaps which you can take out and put back when needed.

If extractions is something that you do not want to have, then the next option for you is the overdenture. With an overdenture, the prosthesis is placed over prepared teeth roots. This process also helps in preventing bone resorption.

Dentures Throughout Time

When dentures are needed, there are several factors that are taken into account when it comes to reasons why. One of which is age. We all know that with old age comes different dental issues, most of which ends up with the need to use dentures. Another reason, which is commonly the main one is you overall dental health. Whether you are young or old, if you do not take care of your teeth properly, it will have issues that will then result to loss of teeth and the need of dentures. Lastly, one more reason that causes teeth problems is bone quality. When this happens, just like the rest of the reasons, you might need to have additional procedures in order to address these issues. Some procedures are as follows:

Alveoloplasty – this is the process of properly re-contouring your jaw bone so that it becomes rounded with the maximum and definitely enough surface area to enhance the retention of dentures.

Bone Grafting – bone grafting is the process given to patients or clients with low jawbone quantity. Once this process is completed, the patient will have enough jawbone quality for implants that will support your new dentures.

Give us that chance of improving your dental health through a new set of durable and comfortable complete or partial dentures. Our office is located in Newport Beach, California which is just 10 minutes away from Laguna Beach and Irvine in Orange County. For any questions or clarifications, give us a call and we will make sure that you get all your dental questions and concerns are answered.