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Mini dental implants eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment of dentures. It allows you to eat anything without the food sticking to your dentures. There is no danger of it falling out or slipping from your mouth. You can easily achieve a confident beautiful smile with a less invasive procedure.

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Mini Dental Implants Candidates

The mini dental implant is the perfect alternative if the traditional procedures do not suit you. The traditional procedures include upper and lower fixed dentures, fixed bridges, and other processes to replace missing teeth.

Newport Smiles offer these restorations to candidates experiencing issues such as:

  • Inadequate bone density: The status of your residual jaw bone is the secret to having a successful procedure. The artificial roots will endure if the jaw bone’s quality and quantity are good, assuring you of its functionality for a long time.
  • Unsuitable bone quality for any surgical procedures: Your dentist may perform other allied surgical procedures to identify the quality of the residual upper and lower jaw bone. These procedures include alveoloplasty, sinus lift, and bone augmentation. A patient suffering from any kind of chronic disease or malignancy is not qualified for these surgical interventions. The dentist may choose to do mini restorations instead of surgery because they require less bone density for functionality and proper retention.
  • Inadequate space: Missing tooth creates a vacant space, making way for the adjacent tooth to grow slowly into the vacated space. This occurrence leaves no space for the conventional dentures to fit into the smaller space. Dentists at Newport Smiles use this small space to fit in a small metal post that is shorter in height, to prevent shifting.

What Is a Mini Dental Implant?

Mini dental implants, like the standard ones, are made of a titanium alloy; they are simply smaller in size. These titanium posts feature a ball (precision attachment) that is fastened at the outer end. It is implanted into the jaw, and in a period of three to six months, the bone grows and merges with the implant. After the area has completely healed, an appropriate restoration is then made onto the titanium posts through a socket and a rubber “O” ring.

3D Implant

Mini Implants

  • Have a 1.8 to 3.3 mm diameter
  • 2-piece structure

Standard Implants

  • Have 3.4 to 5.8 mm diameter
  • 3-piece structure
  • An abutment is applied separately

Both, however, can be fitted in a single visit, using simple local anesthesia. These rarely require any sutures. Read more about dental implants cost with insurance.

What Are Mini Dental Implants Used for?

Like the conventional ones, the smaller restorations can be used for the same purposes.

  • Single Tooth Restoration: A single tooth restoration, in the past, would require you to have a bridge. Not anymore with mini ones. The new tooth placed on the new root into the jaw bone is like a natural tooth.
  • Multiple Teeth Restoration: Individual artificial roots can support multiple lost teeth and can still feel and work naturally. However, a single root can actually support two or three teeth if these are alongside each other.
  • Full Mouth Restoration: A comprehensive and detailed procedure, a full-mouth restoration is performed with an aesthetic purpose that affects the whole mouth and everything inside it. At Newport Smiles, patients can choose from the several options we offer for full-mouth reconstruction.

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Benefits of Mini Implants

Mini implants give you a natural feeling. They keep new teeth securely rooted into the jaw bone, making them feel like natural teeth. They will last you longer unlike the traditional bridges and dentures. To take care of them, observe regular hygiene that includes twice-daily brushing and flossing, and a checkup twice per year.

Let your dentures rest. Permanent teeth replacements are stable and sturdier than traditional dentures. They will not give you any embarrassing moments like slipping out from the mouth. They stay put and do not need to be removed and soaked in a solution at night. They do not cause bone loss or gum contraction and do not need relining. They look and feel like natural teeth!

Mini Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

In summary, these restorations are the only best solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth regardless of if they are in opposite or different areas of the jaw. Depending on your need, you can have a complete implant or an all-on-4. They are the most reliable, convenient, and worry-free solution to all of your tooth reconstruction needs. All it takes to maintain them is regular oral hygiene and a bi-annual routine visit to the dentist. Get that beautiful smile back. Get any missing teeth replaced with these and enjoy their many benefits.

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