Stop decay and restore your smile with discrete composite dental fillings

A cavity can affect your smile and the function of the affected tooth, often leading to tooth pain and diminished oral function. A dental filling in Newport Beach, California, can restore the form and function of the compromised tooth in a single appointment. 

While tooth fillings can be created from several materials, Newport Smiles uses composite fillings for tooth restoration. We prefer composite fillings because they are aesthetically appealing and durable.

Why you shouldn’t wait to treat a cavity

A cavity forms when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that erode the enamel, causing the underlying tooth structure to decay. A dental cavity starts as a small, painless hole but grows in size over time. 

When you fail to treat a cavity, it won’t get better. Instead, the hole grows deeper and may penetrate the enamel and dentin into the pulp chamber. A dental cavity causes bad bacteria to inflame the nerve in the pulp chamber, requiring root canal therapy and a crown. A dental filling can save a tooth from costly treatments and possible extraction.

How a dental filling is placed

A cavity treatment is virtually painless and often completed within an hour. In most cases, there’s little to no downtime. 

Before placing a filling, we’ll inspect the tooth to ensure it isn’t infected. Often, we establish this using dental x-rays. If your tooth only needs a filling, we’ll anesthetize your gums, although this isn’t necessary for surface cavities.

Then, we’ll remove the decayed/damaged portion of the tooth and clean the area to remove all traces of harmful bacteria. Next, we fill the void left with composite filling before hardening it with a curing light. 

The last step is to reshape the filling to match the contours of the natural tooth. Before you go, we’ll check your bite to ensure it’s natural and comfortable. That’s it! You can now leave to enjoy your beautifully restored smile. 

Benefits of composite fillings

A dental filling is the most cost-effective restoration for mild to moderate decay. Fillings can be created from gold and amalgam, but our practice only offers composite fillings for the reasons below. 

  • They are conservative
  • Composite fillings are natural-looking
  • No safety concerns
  • Optimal bonding with the tooth
  • Durability

Treating cavities is simple, painless, and designed to fit your budget. Putting off treatment can cause extensive decay, infection, and even tooth loss. To get cavity treatment in Newport Beach, CA, call (949) 646-0818 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aarti Puri and the team.