Restore Your Beautiful Smile with Gum Reconstruction at Newport Smiles

From simple to complex cases, Newport Smiles creates healthy, functional smiles with cutting-edge technology and beautiful artistry. Your gums may not be the stars of your smile, but they are vital in supporting your teeth and protecting them from infections.

Gum reconstruction in Newport Beach, California, is a transformative procedure for receded gums. Expertly administered by Dr. Aarti Puri and the team, gum reconstruction or gum grafting redesigns your gums for a healthy, aesthetically appealing smile. 

What causes gingival recession

Healthy gums are firm, pale to light pink, and fit snugly around the teeth. Unfortunately, genetics and lifestyle factors can cause your gums to pull away (recede) from the teeth, putting you at risk of pain, sensitivity, and infections. 

So, why have your gums receded? Here are some reasons.

  • Gum disease
  • Aggressive brushing
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Severe teeth grinding
  • Dental trauma
  • Aging

Treating gum recession with gum grafting is vital for improving the aesthetics of your smile and oral function. Gums snugly tucked in the teeth look beautiful and protect your tooth roots from harmful bacteria and extreme temperatures. 

What to expect from gum grafting

Gum grafting involves transplanting healthy gum tissue to areas with gum recession to cover the exposed tooth roots. Before the procedure, the dentist will numb your mouth with local anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain. 

During the procedure, the gum tissue will be harvested from the palate or other body parts and stitched to the area without tissue. Sometimes, if you have sufficient gum tissue around the exposed tooth, the tissue is grafted with gum tissues around the tooth instead of the palate. The dentist uses this graft to create a gum flap that’s repositioned and sutured into the receded area to facilitate proper healing. A gum graft can cover one exposed tooth or several teeth to even your gum line and reduce sensitivity.

After the procedure, you can expect initial swelling and discomfort, but adhering to post-operative care instructions can help manage the pain. You can expect to heal within a week, but most people experience complete healing after two weeks. 

Gum grafting services near me

You are in safe hands with Newport Smiles. So, if you want to restore your gum health with gum grafting, call (949) 646-0818 to schedule an appointment with Newport Smiles.