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A sinus lift, also called a sinus graft, is a treatment that involves raising the sinus membrane and inserting a bone graft to enhance the mass of bone in the maxilla (upper jawbone). Additionally, it is referred to as a sinus augmentation since it adds/enlarges bone between the jaw and the sinuses on each side of the nose.

Certain individuals require a sinus augmentation if they have missing teeth and the vacant tooth sockets have collapsed. This collapse triggers a chain of bone losses that will make dental implants to replace the missing tooth impossible. At Newport Smiles, we can provide our patients with a sinus graft in Newport Beach that will establish a stable bone foundation for dental implants.

How Is the Process Done?

The sinus lift procedure aims to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw bone in order for the dental implant to have firm support.

This is achieved by cutting the gum tissue where the back tooth was before. The tissue is raised to expose the bone; this will open a small window in the bone. There is a membrane lining the sinus which can be found on the other side of the window. This membrane separates the sinus from the jaw. This membrane needs to be pushed up gently away from the jaw.

The bone materials are stuffed into the space vacated by the sinus and are usually added above the jaw.

The cut gum will be stitched back and allowed to heal for about four to nine months. The more bones grafted, the longer the healing time is needed. After that, the grafted bone will have meshed with the original bones. The dental implants are now ready to be put in place.

What Are the Benefits?

This safe and gentle procedure results in many benefits for the patient, such as:

  • It reduces chances of any damage to the sinuses
  • It strengthens the sinus wall
  • It provides regrowth of new bone to replace any lost bone
  • It creates space for new upper teeth
  • It fights periodontal gum disease

Our Newport Beach sinus lift procedure has a high success rate of 90%. That said, the procedure may not be right for everyone due to its high cost and the length of time it takes to complete the healing period to proceed with the dental implant.

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