Partial Dentures for Missing Teeth

Your teeth are a sure gift of nature. We cannot stress enough how important the teeth are for eating any type of food, helping you to speak properly and certainly help in bringing out your beautiful smile which then adds up to your confidence. All these are benefits to a good set of teeth but we will never know what the future holds and at one point, things may happen that will hinder you from continuously getting these benefits. You may lose one or more of your teeth due to different reasons like diseases, accidents, extractions, and other problems branching out from poor oral hygiene.

When you lose a tooth or two, you then will have gaps in your teeth which causes awkward and unpleasant looks. If you will opt to visit our skilled dentists, they should be able to offer you with several options and solutions to overcome this problem such as dentures or bridges.

Dentures may it be complete or partial, can certainly help you when these unpleasant events happen. Partial dentures are very good when it comes to being the block to ensure that existing teeth does not move around which may cause more problems and bone loss. Also, both partial and complete dentures maintains the contours of the face , as mentioned, prevents teeth from moving or shifting and reduces the risk of gum diseases.

Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures only cover lesser number of teeth and it can even be as low as just 1. It is connected to a gum-colored material and then attached to a metallic framework. Since these are partial and are placed beside an actual teeth, partial dentures get their support from the natural and good teeth beside them through the help of wire clasps or attaching these dentures to the crowns. If your partial denture is attached through wire clasps, then you can easily remove them, by yourself when needed, like cleaning your dentures or even eating. If your partial dentures are linked to the crown, these are more permanent ones that you cannot remove. Lastly, these artificial teeth are colored the same way as your natural teeth to ensure that it looks aesthetically good.

Partial Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Although both are dentures, partial and traditional full dentures are different when it comes to what they serve. If you only have few missing teeth and those are the ones that need to be replaced then a partial denture would be more beneficial compared to other types. For your reference, we have broken down some of its differences:

  • If you have lost most of your teeth in the jaw then traditional full dentures is the best option. If you have just lost a maximum of two to three teeth in the jaw then partial dentures should be good.
  • Full dentures requires remaining natural teeth to be removed before the denture can be placed. Partial dentures gives you the ability to retain some of your existing natural teeth.
  • Full dentures, most often than not are removal while partial dentures can be both removable or fixed. Partial dentures called as dental bridges can be attached to implants which then will make it fixed dentures.
  • Traditional full dentures cost more than partial ones.
  • Traditional full denture only depends its support on soft tissues and jaw bone while partial dentures can either gain its support in its neighboring natural teeth or soft tissues and jawbone.

Partial Dentures According to Type of Material

Partial dentures have different types that are available for you to choose from based on its material. Once you decide to have partial dentures, you and your dentist will decide together which one will be the best option for you that is comfortable, the best, aesthetically speaking and of courses the most affordable. Here are the types of partial dentist for you to choose from.

  • Cast Metal Removable Partial Denture – This is known as the most common and popular type of partial dentures. This type of partial denture has good strength and durability that is also why more people chooses this. These dentures are attached to a metallic wire clasp but if you want a more aesthetically pleasing attachment, it will cost more. If properly maintained, these dentures will last many years.
  • Acrylic Removable Partial Denture – This is the least expensive type of partial dentures and is also known as the “flipper”. This is a removable type of partial denture which not as durable compared to cast metal dentures that is why the acrylic base has to be thick and bulky to limit and minimize breakage. Normally, flippers are temporary solution while waiting for the restoration to be complete, although it can still be used for years.
  • Flexible Partial Denture- This is a type of partial denture that looks and feel natural while staying durable. This is a common option for people that are uncomfortable with both cast metal and acrylic partial dentures. It is still attached to clasps but these are gum colored wires that actually goes into spaces in between your existing teeth.
  • Fixed Bridge – If you are just missing one or two teeth, maximum, fixed bridges are a better option compared with the others. A fixed bridge is consist of an artificial teeth topped with a crown to make sure it fits onto the healthy teeth next to it. Once it fits perfectly after many requirements, it is then polished, brushed and floss like a normal teeth. Even the space underneath the bridge is needed to be cleaned which then increases the sensitivity of the teeth. To keep this from happening, there is a so-called Maryland bridge that keeps the direct connection to the nearby support teeth but on the other hand, it is not aesthetically pleasing. All these are applicable to dentures in the front teeth. If dentures are for the back molars, then it will need additional support such as cantilever bridge.
  • Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge – In this type of partial denture, the number of teeth that can be fixed is just limited to two or three. This type acts like a natural teeth as the support does not take it from existing teeth nearby, instead it is from implants that are screwed to the jaw bone. One thing to take note of is that a fixed bridge in the upper jaw will require lesser number of implants screwed to the jaw compared to bridges in the lower jaw. Although implant supported bridges are expensive, due to the benefits it provides, it has become a common choice between dentists and patients.

Our recommendation is to take advantage of implant supported fixed or removable dentures because they are highly durable, comfortable and totally looks and feel like natural teeth. If you are still unsure, we will make sure to help you make that decision.

Our Experienced Dentists Will Help You

When dealing with something as important as your teeth, it is important that this is handled by a professional with the required experience and expertise. If you opted to have inexperienced dentists produce and make your artificial teeth then you cannot be sure with durability as well as the discomfort that you might feel. If your goal is have a beautiful new smile and teeth that function well in chewing as well as speaking, then we can help you make this a reality.

Our dental experts have had rigorous training to ensure that they can provide you with fashionable implant-supported bridges to replace your teeth without any surgeries or extractions. You can visit our office and we will make sure to answer all your questions, queries and hesitations so that you can make a just decision about your new set of teeth.

We assure you that you will get the best experience and most comfortable, partial dentures in Orange County. Please feel free to visit us in Newport Beach, California near Laguna Beach and Irvine. Allow us to give you that perfect smile and a new set of teeth! We will provide you with anything you need, taking care of your teeth and smile as well as all the dental caring that you deserve!