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Put a Stop to the Damage Caused by Teeth Grinding

You may have bruxism if you find yourself unconsciously clenching your jaw during your waking hours or grinding your teeth at night while you sleep. While most people occasionally clench their jaw during times of high stress or concentration, bruxism occurs so often that its presence is evidenced by characteristic tooth wear and jaw pain.

It may be caused by stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, or certain drugs and medications. Bruxism causes damages to teeth and will lead to getting dental crowns.

This is not an uncommon disorder, and it can occur in both children and adults. We assist patients in finding Newport Beach bruxism treatments such as mouth guards to reduce tooth grinding, jaw posture modifiers to relieve sleep apnea, and anxiety reduction techniques are often successful at providing relief and reducing the behavior.

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Treatment Options for Bruxism

Splints and mouthguards constructed of hard acrylic or soft materials can be placed over the upper and lower teeth to prevent teeth from clenching and grinding. Braces and oral surgery also correct alignment issues that may cause bruxism, and the chewing surfaces of the teeth may need to be manually reshaped or covered with crowns. Stress management therapies prevent stress-induced bruxism with strategies and counseling that encourage relaxation.

Our dentists can show you the proper way to position your mouth and jaw as behavior therapy for bruxism, and biofeedback therapy helps you control jaw muscle activity by using a machine with monitoring equipment and procedures. Medications are sometimes used to treat bruxism, but they aren’t the most effective. A muscle relaxant can be taken shortly before bedtime, and Botox injections can potentially help those suffering from a severe case of bruxism that doesn’t respond to other treatments.

Avoiding stimulating substances, reducing stress at night, and taking overall care to practice good sleeping habits can prevent as well as treat bruxism. In some cases, bruxism is the cause of a side effect or medication, in which case the bruxism can be solved simply by switching medications.

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Bruxism/Teeth Grinding – FAQs

What needs to be done to treat teeth grinding/bruxism?

It’s beneficial to cut back on caffeine, alcohol, and sweets. Remember to get plenty of sleep and drink water. “Occlusal splints” (dental guards) may also be prescribed by our dentist. Biofeedback, specific medications, and Botox injections are all viable options and should be explored in detail with one of our dental professionals.

Do sufferers of bruxism grind their teeth all their lives?

It’s important to seek treatment for this condition as soon as possible. With proper support, people can eventually break the habit. However, the quality of life for sufferers of bruxism is likely to be compromised if the condition is not addressed early on.

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